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“I Have Lost My Dignity As A Woman” – Lady Shares Horrific Dubai Porta Potty Experience

A lady has taken to social media to share her unforgettable experience in Dubai, where she was made a sex object to please the sadistic fantasies of her paymasters.

According to her, she has lost her dignity and pride as a woman following the experience she went through and how it has affected her psychologically.

Narrating the mental trauma and emotional pain the unfortunate experience has caused her, the lady said she has been contemplating ending her life because she could not bear the personal shame anymore.

The Dubai Porta Potty experience in Dubai where women are turned into sex slaves and forced to engage in horrible fetishes for money has come to the fore as many victims have narrated their experiences.

In her narration, the lady said she was taken to Dubai by a friend. On her arrival, she met a man who expressed interest in her. Her friend encouraged her to go for it.

Thereafter, she accepted the offer and was taken on an expensive shopping spree. She bought from all the luxurious shops in Dubai and could not believe the treat she was enjoyed.

Well, it did not last long at all when she was made to undergo several fetishes like BDSM, gang sex, orgies, scathing etc in order to pay for the goodies she had received.

According to her, she was reduced to an object for her paymasters who did not take caution at all but went on to insert several items into her private part and anus. After she had been sexually humiliated, she was thrown into a pool to wash down.

After years of that bad experience, the lady who has shared her story under anonymity said she could never accept herself and move on. She constantly has nightmares of the horrific inhumane experience where she was peed and defecated on.

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