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We Supply The Police With Drugs For Information – Drug Addict

A drug addict has disclosed that the Ghana Police Service is unable to apprehend them because they are supplied with drugs.

He claims the cops are their informants, who are bribed with an infinite supply of drugs.
According to the drug addict, who did not want his name used, whenever there is a raid, no arrests are made or only a few people are caught because of an agreement they have with some police officers who are themselves, drug users.

Granting an interview to talk about his past life he said: “I’m part of the pushers…That is what I’m saying that they come to smoke with us. When they come we don’t sell the weed to them, we give it to them for free so that if anything happens they can come and inform us. That is what we used to give them,”.

The young man, who is ashamed of his drug use, is currently undergoing rehabilitation in an attempt to clean up his act and restart his life where he left off.

He says he has been rejected by his family for his deeds; something he is not proud about.

“I can go to the house anymore, my own house I can’t go there. I’ve been here for a week and it’s not easy. I want to go through the hard way, but I will go through it. Because of this life, I’ve been rejected,” he said.




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