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Twitter statistician in trouble for claiming 99.5% of Ghanaian guys are stingy

Of all the hard work his excellency Nana Addo and Dr Bawumia are doing, a twitter statistician is claiming that 99.5% of Ghanaian guys aren’t feeling it inside their pockets, hence, declaring them broke.

The twitter user with ‘Naana’ as her display name went on to add that 99.5% of Ghanaian guys are not just broke but very stingy, a comment that has sparked outrage as analysts on the micro-blogging platform are faulting her claim.

Some are calling her to provide details of the research that led her to arrive at her conclusion whilst others believe her assertion means she has begged 99.5% of Ghanaian guys and discovered they were all broke and stingy.

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Naana who appears to be a MOMO advocate as well remained defiant about the result of her research and she is asking Ghanaian guys to normalize pampering girls with MOMO even when they don’t ask.

However after heat upon heat, she has apologized for her academically corrupt research. See the Twitter interactions below for more on this developing story.





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