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The Shocking Twist, Deceit, Self Exposing And Arrogance In Sandra Ankobiah’s Recent Rant To Critics – An Opinion

Sandra Ankobiah in a new year message said that fans can’t dictate to her how to live her life as a Lawyer. She put her message across with a lot of swear words which signals some anger and arrogance in her note.

Sandra Ankobiah’s Instagram Post

However, Sandra’s script is somehow interesting because in a twist it exposes her to be someone who doesn’t practice what she preaches whilst it also unfortunately portrays her as a deceitful person.

This is why:
Sandra took a long break from social media and came back as ‘Lawyer Ankobiah’. Her reason is that she projected herself in a type of way that made fans see her as just a “Slay Queen” and not the true Lawyer that she is. According to her, she then rebranded to “Lawyer Ankobiah” and presumably paid some bloggers to only publish stories that sells her new brand.

Excerpt from Sandra’s Graphic Showbiz interview about her rebranding

Last year, at a seminar organized by Echo House at Legon, Sandra schooled Efia Odo on the dos and donts on social media. Telling her people will take her how she sells herself and that if she doesn’t want to be considered as just a Slay Queen, she shouldn’t share posts in that regard. Sandra used herself as an example and mentioned that she doesn’t post on social media again like the old Slay Queen Ankobiah in bikini here and there.


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Interestingly, that was Sandra telling Efia how to live her life as an actress but today she says nobody can f**king tell her how to live on social media. Is that some Double standards or hypocrisy?

In the spirit of Miss Ankobiah’s rebranding, she also considered herself out of Showbiz therefore she avoided a lot of red carpet events and took off all the “slay” and bikini photos from her social media pages and rather shared couple of things relating to her corporate life.

However, what do we see now? Sandra Ankobiah is now everywhere more than Ronnie Is Everywhere and she even wear clothes that glaringly expose her cleavage than her old bikinis photos did. This possibly means her excuse of rebranding and and deleting her bikini photos with most of her photos from her social media accounts is only a calculated reason to get rid of those photos for reason known to only her. This is where the topic of “self exposing and deceit” comes in.


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Well, when Sandra announced her supposed rebranding Journey, Ghanaian Showbiz Prophet, Chris-Vincent of prophesied that Sandra’s such mission is impossible because fame is addictive and Miss Ankobiah can’t ditch it behind.

Somebody tell Chris his prophecy is coming to pass but ask him why he hasn’t seen it yet to make noise about it.

Excerpt from Chris-Vincent’s article about Sandra’s rebranding 2 years ago

Or is his mouth busy still chewing some meat from the dinner he had with Sandra Ankobiah in the U.K?

Chris-Vincent after meeting Sandra Ankobiah

However, Chris-Vincent’s latest style of writing about Sandra ever since they met and his present loud silence about Sandra returning to her old brand will make much sense if he is now acting as a Publicist to Sandra.

By and large, there’s a reason why it’s called “social media” and not “private media”. So for that reason any Lawyer or just any literate who understands what Social Media means, should expect that once any user drops anything on the platform, one must equally expect a reaction from the community, either negative or positive. So Dear Sandra Ankobiah expect to hear more from me/us about how I/we think you should live your life as a Lawyer or whoever you want to be.

It’s your choice to gtfoh and f**king take it or leave it. (A taste of your own swear words).

I/we hope I/we haven’t abused my/our freedom of speech which will attract a suit from you.

Key among everything this article says is for you remember that if people are telling you how to live as a Lawyer, it’s because it’s social media and  you’ve also  said it yourself that as Lawyer and a corporate person, there should be a way of living on social media to project such career. So yeah it’s only reminder to keep you in check to live by your words. So don’t get angry when they come.

Nobody hates you, you are too pretty for anyone to simply dislike because of a petty reason.

Happy New Year




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