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Singer, Halsey Stops Her Performance To Tell Her Fans To ‘Act Like F***ing People’

Halsey stopped her performance suddenly on Tuesday night, May 17, to address her fans.

The singer was performing in West Palm Beach when she stopped singing 30 minutes into her set and told her crew to stop the music.

“What’s wrong?” fans asked from the crowd.

Halsey then launched into a speech about the importance of treating others with compassion.

She said: “While I have you I just want to make a statement … make a reminder, you know. I know we’ve been locked inside for a long time and forgot how to act like f***ing people.

“But, everybody is here because they love the same thing you do so treat them with compassion, community.”

Halsey went on, “All of us are here because we love the same thing, hate the same thing. Because your girlfriend dragged you here, that’s fine too. You love your girlfriend. I love your girlfriend. Let’s talk about that later in the set. Let’s try that one more time.”

She then resumed the show, singing “You Should Be Sad,” from the beginning.

Watch the video below.





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