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Oh Vera! Video of D Black eating ‘sushi’ and enjoying ‘coochie’ ride leaks

D Balck has taken off from where Akuapem Poloo has left us with a leaked knackin tape.

The video shows the Ghanaian rapper doing the do with a lady yet to be identified. Assessing the tape, it appears that both parties were aware that their intimate moment is being filmed.

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We say this because one part of the video shows the ‘Oh Vera’ rapper looking straight into lenses of the camera whilst talking.

With his chest full with the lady’s hips in his face, he kissed his snack and turning to see the cam he asked “What’s going, whad up?” and the lady replied “really” before asking “what you about to eat” and he said “sushi” leaving her burst into laughter.

In another part of the about 1 minute and 21 seconds video, the unknown lady was captured riding the ‘Give It 2 Me’ rapper whilst he moans and engaged in a naughty chat with her.

” Yeah baby,” D Black moaned and she asked ‘do you want this p*ssy’ and he replied “ride that di” – at this point camera angle shows the ‘fake UN Award’ winner was holding his phone to record it all.

FameBugs noticed that the lady had an accent and that give hints that this may have happened abroad. As to why it has leaked, we can’t tell yet.

For law-abiding as we are, we can’t share the explicit video here but it’s out there and very accessible as it is spreading like wildfire.

D Black is yet to comment on this but you can see the tweets for what tweeps have been saying about the leaked.




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