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Meet Pappy Kojo’s On And Off Girlfriend For Five Years – She’s Dayum Hawt

Pappy Kojo & Sandra Parker

Pappy Kojo told Delay about his “on and off” girlfriend of 5 years who understands him to live a young, wild and free life when it comes his “yi wu dross” behavior.

Well, right after that interview we went looking for this lady just to satisfy our gossip crave. Fam, this is her, she is called Sandra Parker and her thirst trap game is too raw — we mean she’s damn hawt.

Sandra and Pappy aren’t new in the news, some months ago, a lovey-dovey video of them sharing a kiss hit the web and she was identified as a Hungarian Fashion Designer. However, FameBugs can’t confirm what exactly she does yet but her photos suggest she’s a “slayer” in the fashion space especially when it comes to bikinis.

Lately, the couple haven’t actually been hiding their relationship online but they just haven’t made it official yet. But being your favorite celeb gossip hub, we’ll take a step and unofficially introduce to you Mrs Pappy aka “Realer No”.

The rapper shared 2 photos with his “France 98 World Cup” and close people to the lovers also confirmed their relationship with comments like “happy for you bro” “about time marry her already” and “ love you guys, #Couplegoals” which came from one Serwaa known as Sandra’s  cousin.

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