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Kanye West announces bid to run for U.S Presidency this year; social media hilariously reacts

Kenya West has made a bold statement that he is going to contest as President for America in the upcoming 2020 elections.

The American rapper married to Kim Kardashian announced this on Twitter last night and it has since sparked wildfire discussions and reaction on social media.


Amidst it all, Kanye is getting support from some very influential people like Elon Musk, the industrial and technology tycoon and architect behind the luxury Tesla cars that run on electricity.


This is not the first time Kanye is toying with the idea of becoming a President for America, however, with how close and intense the November polls seems already, his announcement is gaining momentum though he hasn’t filed any official document yet for the elections.


However, tweeps are gold mining Kanye’s announcement to make golden memes on social media, some to crack ribs, others to shoot down at his intention whilst others rope in the Kardashians for a good laugh and we have the best collections below.






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