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‘I Will Gladly Wear G-Strings To Interviews If Someone Offers Me $2million’ – Feli Nuna

Feli Nuna, Ghanaian singer, has stated that if offered $2 million, she would attend an interview wearing G-string underwear.

Nuna, who frequently appears in interviews with a towel, told Onua FM’s Anigye Mmre on Wednesday, June 8, that wearing a towel to interviews is for her brand and that if she is paid $2 million to wear only G-string pants to an interview, she will gladly accept.

“I’ll do it if there’s money involved.” If you give me $2 million, I will do it! I’ll go ahead and do body goals; it’ll even motivate me to go to the gym. You’ll look at my body and think, ah, it’s so simple. I’ll do it for $2 million and I’m not kidding.”

“Why can’t I wear it to the beach and swimming pool?” I’ll take a chance. I’m willing to put everything on the line. It’s like walking around in a bikini. It will even motivate me to eat healthily and exercise.

“In the same way that it’s a dare, I’m daring people to give me that amount of money, and I’ll do it.” If my child asks me again, I’ll say, “That’s why you’re driving a fancy car, sit down, and enter the mansion.” I’ll call the chef, chef, please serve caviar to my daughter.” Feli Nuna elaborated.


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