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“I Want To Go Back To Milan, That’s Where My Heart Is” – Lukaku Confesses

Chelsea forward Romelu Lukaku has shockingly admitted that he has an innate desire to return to Milan because that is what his heart desires.

According to him, he is dissatisfied with the system at Chelsea, which is overseen by Manager Thomas Tuchel, and wishes to return to Inter Milan.

According to an interview with Sky Sports,

Lukaku, who was purchased for €100 million in the summer of 2021, has stated his desire to return to Italy and rejoin his former teammates at Intern Milan. Aside from the reception at Chelsea, he insists that Milan is where his heart is.

Romelu Lukaku to @SkySport: “Physically I am fine. But I’m NOT happy with the situation at Chelsea. Tuchel has chosen to play with another system – I won’t give up, I’ll be professional. I am not happy with the situation but I am professional – and I can’t give up now”

Romelu Lukaku to @SkySport: “I think everything that happened last summer was not supposed to happen like this… how I left Inter, the way I left the club, how I communicated with Inter fans – this bothers me because it was not the right time”

Romelu Lukaku to Sky Sport: “Now it’s the right time to share my feelings. I have always said that I have Inter in my heart: I know I will RETURN to Inter, I really hope so. I am in love with Italy, this is right moment to talk and let people know what really happened”

Lukaku to @SkySport: “I really hope from bottom of my heart to return to Inter not at the end of my career, but when I’m still at top level to win more together”.

“I want apologize to the Inter fan, timing of my words was wrong: what you did for me will remain forever”.

In response to Lukaku’s recent comments, Thomas Tuchel stated that the player’s comments could have been taken out of context. He did, however, add that he would speak with him privately because he does not appear to be unhappy at Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku sentences: “Let’s be honest – I don’t like it because it brings noise we don’t need. It’s easy to take lines out of context – of course I don’t like it, it’s noise we don’t need and it does not help”.

Thomas Tuchel: “We will talk with Lukaku openly behind closed doors. I am surprised because I don’t see him unhappy – the opposite”.

“We here can take the time to try to understand what is going on with Romelu, it does not reflect the daily attitude”.

Tuchel on Lukaku words again: “It would’ve been loud anyway [regardless of timing of comments]. If you’re such a big player like Romelu is… he surely knows what kind of value it has when he speaks out”.

In the same interview, Romelu Lukaku discussed Thomas Tuchel’s tactics and other factors that influenced his decision to leave Chelsea four months after joining from Inter.

“Tuchel and I are trying to find a tactical system where we can “find” each other – a way to help the team because the situation [PL table] is a bit complicated. He made his choice – I keep working, at a certain point I’ll speak with Tuchel and we will see the situation”.

“I’m always thinking about Milano, Milano, Milano… Inter fans are the best in the world. I love the city and the best moment of my career was at Inter. I am in love with Italy – I have Inter in my heart”.

“Why was the honeymoon with Inter over? I’ve been a supporter of Chelsea since I was a kid, it’s my favorite team. Then I went to Chelsea at 18 and it wasn’t working – so I always had that Chelsea mission/challenge in my head”.

“In summer 2020 I turned down an offer from Manchester City. It was a higher offer than Chelsea’s one. I refused because I couldn’t leave Inter after just one year – it’s the club that saved my career when I was feeling bad at Manchester United”.

“Last summer I went to talk to the Inter board and I asked for a new contract. I said: I’m 28, I wanted to plan my life in Italy with a new deal… but Inter said no. Maybe there wasn’t the economic possibility. For me it was difficult to accept”.

The former Manchester United forward also revealed that Chelsea was not in his initial plans. He had only wanted to play for Inter and then move on to Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

“There are 3 teams at top level: Barcelona, Real, Bayern. All the players dream of them, that’s the truth. I thought I was going to one of those clubs after Inter”.

“This didn’t happened and I said: there is only one club where I can imagine myself, it’s Chelsea”.

Last summer I didn’t think about going to Chelsea until they really came with an offer. Simone Inzaghi behaved very well with me”.Can we say that if Inter had offered me a new contract I would have stayed? “Yes (Romelu nods two times)”.

In a nutshell, Romelu Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea because his heart, mind, and soul are linked to Inter Milan.

“When Chelsea contacted me it was a challenge for me. Also because it bothered me a lot to have ever won Premier League titles in 8 years. It was hard to turn down the chance to return to the Premier League in the club I support since I was a child”.

Can we say that you would have stayed Inter if the club had the economic power to keep top players?”.

Lukaku: “In that case I would have stayed at Inter 100% last summer! No need to discuss that. Then Conte left, then Hakimi, the club was rumored to be in trouble…”.

Lukaku to Sky Sport when asked if he still follows Inter games: “Always. I always watch Inter games, always, always, always, always (repeats 6 times). I look at them all, when Inter touch you it’s something different…”.

Lukaku to Sky: “Yes, I spoke to Antonio Conte also on personal life. Having him as an opponent will be a challenge, I never won against him! When he left Inter, it hurt me. But I would have stayed at Inter even without him, the problem was the new contract I asked”.

Lukaku to Sky: “If Juventus or AC Milan will call me in the future? Never, never. Again: never. It’s never gonna happen. Juventus wanted me before Inter, but when Conte joined Inter it was my priority to join them. In Italy there’s only Inter for me”.

“I miss Lautaro Martinez, I could die on the pitch for him since day one I met him”.

“Lautaro Martinez coming here with me at Chelsea in the future? No… Lautaro, you can stay in Milan, I’ll be back there (laughs)”.

Romelu Lukaku to Sky Sport: “If there had been the offer of a new contract from Inter last summer as I wanted… we would not be doing this interview now here from London, but quietly from Milano (he smiles)”.


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