Princess Shyngle has revealed that he dated Ghanaian footballer, Michael Essien, for a year but all along she never knew he was married and they broke up after she got to find out.

She also told Delay she’s been having a conversation with Emmanuel Adebayor and she isn’t sure yet if she’ll date him too or not but certainly “he is gorgeous”

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Princess dated about 7 men whom she once said about 99% of them couldn’t satisfy in bed. D Black happens to be one of those but she says she won’t confirm if he couldn’t satisfy her too but do the maths – 99% percent of 7 men obviously puts Black in there.

She added that the Ghanaian rapper was a cheat and upon hearing he’s going to own a nightclub she decided to walk away from the relationship because being the jealous person that she is, she can’t stand him having so many more girls around him.

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