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Has Bola Ray Failed As EIB Boss? – It Is Possible

Bola Ray with his book “It Is Possible” has taught us to believe that everything is possible. Therefore, exploring the possibility of his failure as EiB C.E.O is a harmless thought made possible by his book.

The success of a commercial business is marked by its financial returns. EiB is not an NGO to only help give room to Slay Queens to realize their dreams or advertise themselves for opportunities of their interest. It’s a business and has Bola been able to stir its affairs to be commercially successful?

Happenings around EiB suggests it is now skewing towards failure. Sometime last year, some EiB staff were silently laid off to ease the company’s financial burdens. At some points, prominent stars working at EiB shunned the outfit to join other media houses in this same Ghana. Why are they leaving?

Berla Mundi

Latest to do so is Berla Mundi and Chris-Vincent, a friend to Bola, who does a P.R job or let’s call it a cleaning job for Bola online, tagged Berla as a disloyal metaphorical prostitute in the media space. This left us with two rhetorical questions. (1) Is Berla really disloyal or (2) Is EiB under the stewardship of Bola is failing, hence forcing the workers to seek progress elsewhere?

With other rumours of the vicious cycle of salary delay at EiB among other matters, the latter from the aforementioned rhetorical questions, resonates with what could really be issue than just the matter of disloyalty. This is because, it’s a doubt that any reasonable worker, will ditch the company he/she is working for, if it’s fast progressing and it has a sound financial statement.

GhOne TV lost the media right to be VGMAs main media partner to TV3 and now it is losing its staff to TV3. In case you don’t know, Giovanni Caleb is also at 3FM now.

Anita Erskine also quit EiB. Interestingly, she has a show she produces and she’s taken that content to TV3. If Gh One TV is doing really good with her closeness to Bola and relationship with EiB, why didn’t she give her content to Gh One TV?

Or is TV3 just richer and visionary than GhOne TV to simply buy its staff and content at better prices? This is because poaching staff from the almighty poachers is an eyebrow raising thing. Something must not be right, innit?

Bola must straighten his neck to keep us interested in what he started and promised. Other than that, he’ll just be a successful poacher than that successful man who turned things around for EiB to become the most prominent media house in Ghana. Nevertheless, Bola made EiB possible.


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