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#FineWomenWithAIDs: Beautiful HIV+ Women Share Photos To Fight Stigma

Women living around the world with HIV have made a strong statement online by changing the narrative that HIV is death-sentenced for its victims.

On Thursday, a movement was started online with the hashtag “#FINEWOMENWITHAIDS. The thread proved to be wholesome as many beautiful women around the world shared pictures of themselves as they embraced the situation with confidence.

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One of the HIV positive tweeps wrote “I became a virgin for 21 years the first I had sex I became HIV and pregnant……am 24 years now and am doing”.

Ever since the Human Immune Virus (HIV) was declared an epidemic in the 1980s, the stereotype around the disease has been a rocky ordeal, especially for its victims. In Africa, it is exponentially worst as victims are forced to coil themselves in pain away from socialization.

The worst outcome of this prejudice against HIV patients has led to some deliberately spreading it to others. As a result, many support groups and renowned personalities have supported the movement against HIV patients.

MTV even produced a flagship show dubbed “Shuga” to highlight the adversity of living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and to offer sex education to adults on how to stay safe and use protection as well.

One thing about HIV/AIDS is that most victims do not come out because of shame and fear of being mocked by society. This hashtag set out to destroy that narrative and rewrite the stories of HIV patients living around the world.

This hashtag and movement were mainly to debunk the variations of societal prejudice against HIV patients. They set out to prove that, with the advancement of science, many developments have been made in producing a range of medicines that makes it easier to control the viral concentration in their bodies. It basically helps them live a normal life like a healthy person.

Once their viral loads are undetected, they can mingle and have sexual relations with other people without infecting them.

This movement has proven worthwhile as it sensitized the public of how it feels to live with HIV. Here are some photos of the many brave and beautiful ladies who commemorated the hashtag;

Folks on Twitter also had their take on the whole issue. Some tweeps were in support of the whole movement. Others made fun of it and another section wasn’t concurring.


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