Amidst the brouhaha of Fella Makafui’s BF closing down her East Legon based Wine Shop, new reports emerged that her angry BF has leaked a s*xtape of the actress. However, upon our findings we’ve noticed that the said person in video is not Fella Makafui.

1. We traced the source of the video and realized it was a hardcore p*rn uploaded to Pornhub in December 2017

2. In the video online, which is clearer and longer than the viral one, the said female character had a tattoo at her back and her complexion looks lighter than Fella.

3. We’ve also found another p*rn tapes of same woman with same tattoo at her back, where her voice could be heard louder. From that it’s also clear her voice doesn’t match that of Fella.

Tap on links to see  videos:

Original Video on P*rnhub

Same Tattoo in another p*rn video 

This account on twitter shows up as the source of the video hitting the Ghanaian web.

HOWEVER claims that Fella is only relocating her wine shop from American House due to increased rent from Gh400 to Gh1000 is not true. We have been reliably told that rent at America House Building is far expensive than that and it’s charged in dollars. More on that soon.