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Coca cola loses billions after Cristiano Ronaldo Removed Bottles During Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo sparked off a feud with Coca cola` after replacing bottles of the brand with water during a press conference.

The football icon was set to be interviewed ahead of his national team’s Group F opening match against Hungary in the Euros. Ronaldo upon seeing two carbonated Coca-cola bottles in front of him felt uneasy with it and replaced it with a bottle of water.

He later exclaimed “Water!!” in Portuguese after his action. Ronaldo is a public advocate for a healthy diet and living. This affront he did to the American drink giant took a huge financial toll on them.

The company’s 242bn market value, whoopingly dropped to 238bn citing a major depreciation in their market. Coca Cola also released an official report saying everyone is entitled to their drink preferences” with different “tastes and needs.”

Coca Cola has 200 brands worldwide including different types of water. Their spokesperson at the Euros also made it clear that players are offered different kinds of Coca Cola beverages and that of zero sugar as well upon arrival at their press conferences.

They added that without the support of brands like Coca-Cola, “we could not organise a tournament with such success for players and fans, nor invest in the future of football at all levels.”

Coca-Cola’s partnership with UEFA goes back to 1988 with the company having “a long tradition of supporting all sports at its various levels” and which has allowed “investment in football at all levels.”

On Tuesday too, Paul Pogba, a practising Muslim also did a similar action against Heineken. He was voted man of the match following their 1-o win over Germany. He put the Heineken bottle in front of him away before performing his press conference duties.





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