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Bill Against “LGBTQ” Pops Up With Very Strict Rules That Makes Promoting It A Crime

The LGBTQ bill that was proposed to parliament by Hon, Sam George together with the 7-member parliamentarian committee, has been further explained into details.

The tenets have been outlined making LGBTQI in any form a criminal offence.


The bill prohibits the support or propagation of the LGBTQI movement. Any organization or person who funds an activity pertaining to LGBTQ will also face criminal sanctions and would be sentenced by not less than five years and not more than ten years.

The bill also disbands any group, society, association, club, or segregation whose main aim is to promote or advocate for the LGBTQ community in the country. They are bound by the act to desist from facilitating or sustaining the act in any way and are dissolute from here on out.

The bill also forbids anyone from forming a group or alliance and organizing any event pertaining to LGBTQ. Every Ghanaian citizen is also prohibited form engaging in the act as well.

Again, No Court in Ghana shall grant application for the adoption of children to LGBTQI people.

The bill is pending approval from parliament to be passed into an act.


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