Award-winning writer and poet, Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr., is ending the year in style with a poem. The poem titled, “New Year’s Eve” is a brief literary work which has the dying minutes of the last day of the year as the focal point. The poet zooms in on an imaginative last twenty minutes or so to the end of the year.

He emphasizes on one’s readiness for the coming year whilst being mindful of time and its unstoppable nature. The uncertainty of not making it to the New Year is also hinted which is quite thought-provoking yet realistic.

The writer has had a good year and has everything to be thankful for. A major highlight of the year for him is when he was honoured in the Kofi Anyidoho Spoken Word category at the Ghana Association of Writers Literary Awards 2018 for his work, “My Lost Friend”, a tribute to his late bosom friend, who passed away five years ago today.


Written by Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr.

The last day of the year

A day when you have to be very careful and cautious of the fading ticking clock of the almost past year which is in search of a companion to take along with

It is a time to solemnly reflect on the year in retrospect

With a considerable degree of sincerity to rectify most if not all wrongs by being critical and circumspect

There is still much that can be done to make the year’s climax feel more than a sigh of relief

Juxtaposing itself as a sign of good things to happen in the coming year if you hold on to your belief

Another thought that may come to mind is whether to end the year with all that you have been doing the year round and start anew after midnight

Well, perhaps you might never know, it may not just be the last day of the year but also your last day on earth

It will be wise to either be at church to pray for forgiveness of your sins or be at a public house close to a church in order to have a feel of salvation after a mug of beer which you may not get the chance to enjoy again

I hope by this time you would have outlined all your possible New Year resolutions whether in your memory or on a paper

Wherever you are, a prayer would be necessary a minute to the brink of the New Year

The chimes of a church bell or fireworks being displayed continuously in the air is a sign of entry into the New Year

Does it mean the previous year is gone forever, never to be encountered again?

Has the year ended?

Just like that?

Yes, just like that…

Happy New Year!