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Anything Nana Ama McBrown Touches Turns To Gold – An Opinion Piece By FameBugs

“Se onipa ye ade aa ose ayeyi” In other words, it’s just gotten to a point where our clouds can no longer hold Nana Ama McBrown’s praises, therefore, we must let it rain on her.

This woman right here, has the midas touch. We believe everything she touches turns to gold. We’ve seen her lay hands on certain brands, which have become a household name. A feat she didn’t achieve just because of her high sense fashion taste nor her charming looks. She was also highly involved in making Kumawood what it turned to be when Nollywood movies were flooding the Ghanaian market.

This woman’s humility is to a fault. You are best guaranteed the best hospitality you’d ever get from any Ghanaian celebrity when you meet Nana Ama. In our opinion, her McBrown’s Kitchen show is by far one of Ghana’s best TV show for any brand to advertise on. The way she advertises her sponsors is so natural, convincing and entertaining.

Her folds of talents, never stop sweeping us off our feet. Nana Ama can act, sing and dance. Dressing is a form artistry so we can say she is a talented artist as well because she hardly disappoints with what she wears. The actress has also proved to us that she is also a good TV host who can effortlessly keep glued to the screens whenever she’s presenting a show.

She is also very creative, industrious and rightfully adventurous. How many of you know she can drive any type of car even when it is a Kia truck or bus. Well, she also sold spare parts before, a trade that saw traveling between Ivory Coast and one of Ghana’s biggest spare parts market, Suame Magazinein Kumasi, so her thing with cars is in order. You shouldn’t be surprised either if you ever hear the mother of one speaking French fluently.

She started her acting career as a costumer. In simple terms, she was ironing and preparing clothes for the actors to wear on set whilst she learnt on the job and waited patiently for a role. How many young girls with just half of her beauty can do this job today? Everybody wants to be famous overnight.

As human, we can’t say Nana Ama McBrown is flawless but her perfection exceeds the notice of her imperfections. In case you think you’ve lost it all in life and depressed, Nana Ama is an icon to look up to. For close to 2 decades, this woman looked up to the fruit of the womb.

There was no time, you’ll notice her frustration and wailing because she always looked happy and never allowed it to make her bitter person but rather a nicer person whilst she kept praying and working her way around that. The superstar actress is one of the few celebrities who has kept entertaining us without doing anything nasty or passing reckless comments for attention.

Never think her age/maturity is the cheat to being the favourite among her colleagues because we know people within her age gap that we can’t say these similar things about.

By and large, what we are saying is that Mrs Mensah stands tall among Ghanaian celebrities and whatever she touches turns to gold. If you are doubting this, make a time to watch her new “United Showbiz” show on UTV this and every Saturday at 9pm, and you’ll be marveled at how refreshingly resourceful that show is. We can confidently say it’s the content we signed up for.


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