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An Open Letter To Serwaa Amihere; Strongman Interview, The Backlash And Her Reaction

Dear Serwaa, we understand Nana Aba is your mentor but it doesn’t mean you have to learn everything from her and be her poor quality photocopy. For instance, your reply to the backlash, was smelling so much of her type of arrogance, unless you are also that arrogant, intolerant and stone-hearted by nature.

Omniscient Nana Aba’s arrogance is her way of facing her insecurities. If anyone notices, mostly it comes when she’s being challenged and her intolerant self can’t contain her insecurities being exposed. Eg, try calling her Mrs Osebo versus Mrs Grammarly.

She’s only surviving with her arrogance because she’s incredibly incredible with her journalism work, other than that, Ghanaians would have closed the lid on her in the trash bin. Somehow, her work pushes off that lid and she walks out all the time, sometimes from TV3’s relegation zone  to Gh One TV’s champions league.

Nana Aba Anamoah

Unfortunately for you, apart from your looks that any girl, who invests that much into her beauty, can also acquire, you haven’t convinced Ghanaians yet about any other thing special about you. Especially, intellectually or in your field of work.

Subtract your slaying from what you offer GhOne TV and you’ll realize what is left, will be equal to your salary at Gh One. Can that even buy you enough hair from Oh My Hair? Therefore, if a large number of viewers notice you’ve erred in your line of duty, and angrily attempt to dump you into the trash bin, it’s unnecessary for you to point your left fingers in their faces to justify your actions.

As humans, we are all infallible, being imperfect is our characteristic but forcing to be perfect without expensive cosmetics, makeup, wigs and photoshop, is a sign of mental illness.


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You Can Never Tag Me As Bias – Serwaa Amihere Finally Reacts To Backlash After Interviewing Strongman #FameBugs

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Maybe Nana Aba didn’t teach you this yet. In communication, words do not exactly matter but the tone of your voice and demeanor, loudly conveys your message as well.

You didn’t ask Strongman to directly apologize by words, somehow, your gesture suggested that he should apologize or he’ll be left to appear disrespectful to the so called women you claim were offended by his lyrics. You ambushed him into a tight corner, a trait of journalism sometimes but not all the time.

This is what left people angry, especially when, Medikal, his counterpart’s disrespect to women was gross when he attacked the private part of Strongman’s girlfriend. In addition, dozens of Ghanaian women, including Fella Makafui, have even stated that they aren’t offended by Strongman’s lyrics.


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If you have any reaction to the backlash, then one would expect it coming with some explanation as to why you couldn’t ask Medikal similar questions. Interestingly, you said nothing about that in your harsh reply to your cherished viewers.

In some developed countries, the insults you attracted after the interview, will see the Station or your management issue a Public Statement to make the fans feel special if even they are not. But GhOne TV failed at that and your capable management that threatened to sue us failed too.

Hundreds of viewers threatening to boycott your channel and you show no sign of care? GH One TV???

Serwaa Amihere

Dear Serwaa, you should be tolerant, humble and showing the interest to learn if you want to be the darling of many. Other than that, apart from your looks, work so hard to be known for some special quality in your line of duty, so that even with your shortcomings, Ghanaians can only be compelled to take you as a needed bitter medicine, we all need for our good health.

There’s a similarity in being a celebrity and a politician. That is, how the masses or their followers make them who they are. Learn how the politicians treat their electorates and you’ll realize that you’ll likely write a piece as this, to any politician, who disrespects the view of the majority.

Per your work, you criticize people so don’t get angry when others criticize you.

Thank You.


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